Escort Lady Diana – Service Mallorca

Age: 26
Size: 95-60-90
Height: 165
Weight: 50 kilos
Nationality: Brasil
Spanish, English, Italian

Service For: Man
Services: GM safer- change of position French sides French nature when sympathy, Deep Throat Leckspiele passive Kissing with tongue sympathy Spanish DS (active) DS (passive) Masturbation Games much time Kuschelsex soft music candlelight Stroking 3 with girlfriend for women * Le benspiele shower Games company
Home / hotel special
AV KV (active) NS (active) with him A games (active) SM
Extra: Cum in face, Deep Throat
Tours : Tour Mallorca

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Product Description

Escort Girl Diana in Majorca

Diana, the breathtakingly beautiful student from Prague will leave your senses. It connects you to an innocent Lolita and a hot Naturgeile who can not wait to jump me a man into bed. She lives with every fiber of her body and she loves the erotic. It is their special charisma safe and know this wise use, playful they will make your customers wrapped around your finger. If you book this lady, the beautiful lips and love this way will make you forget your everyday life around you.

Enjoy a conversation with Diana at a high intellectual level and check all of her sweeten the evening. Be curious, they will not expect too much. Diana, the enchanting beauty of Prague an escort ladie in Mallorca par excellence – a woman with a wow factor! Elegant from the hair root to the toes.

When she enters the hotel and the lobby crossed by, you will draw all the attention. Her long legs and her slender body, in the finest wardrobe can turn the head any man. Her walk is so classy and elegant, Diana has an athletic body because she has formed through a lot of training and care so. She loves wellness, care and culture. It is undoubtedly very beautiful and yet so accessible. Your cheerful and uncomplicated style, can immediately break the ice between you and there will be a wonderful evening. She enjoys a sophisticated and intelligent conversation, they will inspire you. The dessert served Diana with passion and imagination.